Happiness. It’s something we all want but often can’t find. This page is about exploring a simple question with a complex answer.

You’ll find stats, quotes, and a quiz that shows you a little more about how you’re wired. There’s also a video that tells the story of how happiness doesn’t have to be something here one moment and gone the next.

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•••••••• Simple Pleasures ••••••••



Healthy people are 20% happier on average.*

*Source: Charnita Fance, The science of happiness



Low stress levels promote a good night’s sleep but sleep quality suffers when we’re unhappy. So if you’re feeling well rested, most likely you’re a pretty happy camper.*

*Source: Signs You are Truly Happy



Coffee boosts mental focus, alertness, and athletic performance. But the less you consume, the better it works.*

*Source: Rebecca Ungarino, TODAY contributor.

•••••••• Relationships ••••••••



Each happy friend you have will increase your happiness by 9%.*

*Source: Signs You are Truly Happy



Happy couples generally have five positive interactions for each negative one. (Couples with 0.8 positive for each negative often get divorced.)*

*Source: Melanie Pinola, Secrets of the happiest couples.


Family Meals

84% of people say eating with their family is their favorite part of the day.*

*Source: Jessica Fishman Levinson, Family Meals Matter

•••••••• Giving ••••••••



When we give, the pleasure center of our brain lights up and releases oxytocin which gives us a good feeling similar to a “runner’s high”.


Giving Money

People are happier when they give to others rather than spend money on themselves. (The same phenomenon appeared in 2-year-old children when they gave to others rather than received.)*

*Source: Emma Seppala, Top 10 Scientific Benefits of Compassion.



Volunteering makes you happier than exercising and it leads to an increase in long-term mental health.

•••••••• Spirituality ••••••••



33% of people who attend church services report being “extremely satisfied” with their lives. (Only 19% who never attend church report being “extremely satisfied”).*

*Source: USA Today


The Cross

According to a Harvard University study, the frequency of attendance in religious services mattered more than anything besides health in determining how satisfied people were with their lives.*




Regular prayer and meditation has been shown in numerous scientific studies to be an important factor in living longer and staying healthy.*

*Source: Huffington Post, Richard Schiffman

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Take The Quiz

This is not a quiz to show if you’re happy, sad, depressed or where you lie on that spectrum. This is a quiz to show how you’re wired. One of the keys to being happy is knowing what makes you happy.

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When playing a game, it’s most important to...

AMake friends while playing.
BAlways keep score.
CSeek out the best competition.
DLearn more about myself.


You are an Innovator


When you’re not spinning plates, you’re juggling irons in the fire. You wouldn’t have it any other way. Life is short, and you want to make the most of it. You’re likely either highly creative or driven by success. Either way, you want to make your mark. You strive to build and accomplish something.


You can be so driven by your desire to innovate and accomplish that you put family and relationships on the back burner. Innovators can overwork themselves and suffer from high levels of stress, lack of sleep and burnout. This is why it’s important to schedule time to invest in your friends and family and take time to recharge. You’ll create your best work when you’re balanced and healthy.


You are a Thrill Seeker


You grab life by the horns and live for the moment. You’re often the life of the party and the person with the best stories. You’ve done things others would never dare to try, and pushing people out of their comfort zones is practically your hobby.


You’ve had to be careful, because your impulsive nature can make a momentary pleasure more costly than you want it to be. Thrill seekers can be tempted to live for the moment at the expense of the future, so find a community in your life that can help keep you balanced.


You are a Philanthropist


Some people say, “It is better to give than to receive.” But you live it out. You understand what so many don’t: that helping others is the best way to find your own happiness. You’ve impacted your family, your community and maybe even the world at large through volunteering and acts of kindness.


You’re hurt when others misunderstand your kindness or, even worse, take advantage of it. Even though you understand the art of giving, you have to be careful every now and then to take time for yourself.


You are a Caregiver


Relationships are what matter in life, and you understand that better than most. You pour your energy into your family, your significant other and your friendships. You love it when they do the same. You come to life when you’re around the people you love.


Because you are always there, people can take you for granted. They don’t understand how much you’ve poured into the relationship. It’s important that you communicate this frustration, because it will make the relationships stronger in the long term.


Everyone longs for deep, lasting happiness because we are most content and happy when we find our purpose in life. Consider connecting with Jesus to encounter your purpose and the life you were created for. Find out more at