Every Home for Christ is convinced that prayer is key to gathering in the Lord's harvest (Matthew 9:37-38). With this in mind, we are mobilizing people everywhere to pray!

Every Home for Christ’s Global Wall of Prayer is made up of 168 weekly, one-hour prayer commitments. Our goal is that every hour of the week will be filled with prayer on behalf of our lost neighbors, the hurting and broken in our local communities, and the global harvest of souls. Believers from around the world, wherever they are, can sign up online for an hour of prayer to join with others across the earth in creating a canopy of prayer that extends around the globe.

We encourage you to start by signing up for the Global Wall of Prayer below. If you are a prayer leader in a church or in a local community and are interested in starting your own Wall of Prayer online, we invite you to build your own Wall of Prayer below.

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